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Murrieta Property Management Inspection Best Practices

By admin on January 25, 2013 in Blog

This week we are going to write about some of the best practices for managing your murrieta property management rental. Specifically, we are going to discuss some of the items and warning signs to look for when inspecting your rental, and also talk about how often to inspect it.

First off, you generally want to inspect your rental in a relatively short period of time after your new Tenant moves in.  Even though your have performed a thorough background research of your new Tenant, they are still relatively new and have not really proven themselves with you.  Even with all of their previous performance looking good, they are still an unknown. that is why we recommend performing an inspection within 45 days after a new Tenant moves in.  This will help catch any poor performance as a Tenant before it results in anything serious.

Now, lets talk about some simple things to look for in an inspection that could save you money in the long run.  First off, when you arrive, take a very good look on the outside of the home.  Is the yard work being taken care of as promised by the Tenant?  Is there any garbage in the yard or in the area? For a new Tenant to not being up to par on these items, that can be a very bad sign, especially this early in the Tenancy.

Once you enter the home, immediately start looking for any signs that they may be hiding pets or additional people, or if the pets that you do allow are behaving well and not urinating, scratching up areas. Look for signs on the back door of an animal scratching to go out, or from the outside to come in.  Also pay attention to the smell in the home right away.  Also look on the garage doors for signs of animals like dogs being kept there and trying to get out. Typically mud on the garage doors is what you will see for an animal being kept in the rentals garage.

General cleanliness and housekeeping is something to pay attention to as you walk around the property.  Basically are they taking pride in their home and keeping it overall clean?  Are they doing anything at all that is against your lease terms?  They are not drastically changing the colors in the home or tearing out any walls that you have not approved of.

More to come later on best practice for inspecting your murrieta real estate management rental.

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